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Welcome to MJB Cosmetic Consulting

I absolutely love skin care!!! For so many years, I struggled to find the right products that worked for me. I was throwing good money after good money and not getting the results I wanted. Eventually, I found Mary Kay. Mary Kay products were the only ones that I found delivered on their promises and it has been a partnership ever since.

Helping clients to find the right products for their skin is my passion. I invest time in learning the products so that I can direct my clients to those that will best suit their needs. I don't want anyone to experience the frustration or waste time and money searching for the right things. I am here to help eliminate all of that. In addition, I have chosen to work with a reputable cosmetic brand to bring my clients high quality products, many of which have received the Good Housekeeping Seal and other cosmetic certifications. Therefore, when you work with me, you can be assured you are receiving high quality!!!

If you don't have a Mary Kay consultant that you're working with, I'd be honored to service you.

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